Disneyland - Paris

Well, as most of you reading this probably know, we recently took a 3-day roadtrip to Disneyland - Paris. We left around 8am on Tuesday morning and arrived at the Disneyland Resorts around 1pm. We would have been there about an hour earlier, but hubby took a wrong exit and we had to backtrack a small bit, plus we made a couple of reststops on the way. Our room, at the Sequoyia Lodge, wasn't really supposed to be ready till 4pm, so we'd plan to just head right on over to the park, but on a whim we checked in at the desk and as luck would have it, we were allowed to unpack our things straight away. The room itself was nice and had a decent view (we could watch the nightly fireworks from the window).

We spent the rest of that day at the park, riding various rides including the Pirates of the Caribbean, a spook house and a nice train ride around the park. We then had our evening meal at the Rainforest Cafe. That was a cool place on its own, as there was an elephant head mounted on one wall and it would animate and trumpet from time to time. The lights would flicker off and on too at times, while thunder/rain sound effects played. The food was great.

The following day we headed off to breakfast in the lodge's restaurant and then spent the morning at the Disney Studios park. Hubby and I had visited Disneyland several years back, but that was before the Studios section had been added, so this was an extra fun area for us, as it was all new. Our favourite area was the Backlot section, where you could take a train ride through part of the park and get first-hand view of some of the special effects involved in their film-making, including wardrobe, props and visual/physical effects. They had several prop pieces from Dinotopia, including a very large set piece of one of the buildings where a pair of pterodactyl statues were placed on either side of a grand doorway. At one point, we were taken to a rocky set, where a tanker truck was perched, water coming down the sides of the "mountain" like a waterfall, here and there. Then they took us through the action of the "scene", having "rain" fall, a power line spark up and cause the tanker to explode (you could feel the heat of the flames) and then a huuuugggeee flood came rushing down the "mountain" at us, getting alot of the tourists, including us, wet. In another area we were treated to some firebreathing from a dragon. We also watched the Motor Stunt Show, where they had stunt drivers perform feats on motorbikes and in cars. That was definitely a great performance. We also visited several of the shows they had, like about animation history, etc. After lunch, we headed back over to the main park and road more rides and did *alot* of walking. We got to watch one of the parades, visited quite a few of the rides we hadn't the day before (and repeated some we had, like the Pirates of the Caribbean one), then we headed off for our evening meal at Planet Hollywood.

Our final day we revisited both park areas, did some souvenier shopping (I got a crystal frog inside a small glass bottle, hubby got a Grumpy dwarf mug, boy got some big mickey mouse hands/gloves, etc) and then we headed home sometime after lunch.

Was a great trip all in all, even with having to be in the car for 4 hours there, and back. I kept the boy busy part of the time with some roadtrip bingo (I'd made some cards for both of us and we just marked the items off with a pen as we spotted them), and the rest of the time he snoozed.

Not had a chance to check out the pictures we took (boy had his own camera, so he took a full roll that we still need to get developed), but if any come out decent enough, I may see about posting some.

It's Monday again...

Tomorrow we head off for our mini-vacation, so today is busy with last minute cleaning, shopping (for snacks, film and whatnot) and some packing. The boy and hubby are on a quick trip to the container park (to dump off our recyclables), so I'm taking the opportunity to post here. :P

Here is a game I spotted this morning(likely it's already been mentioned elsewhere, but anyhoo).

Name: Mobai Room
URL: http://mofuya.com/flash/mobai.htm
Description: Nice and short escape-the-room game

Gamershood also has about 7 new listings (none seemed anything to my taste, but some of you might find them entertaining). http://www.gamershood.com/

With that, I'm off for a bite of breakfast. See you all on Thursday! :)
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Weekend winding down...

Today is starting out decent enough. We've been getting alot of rain the past few days, but at the moment it's just overcast and comfortable. I hope the weather continues to stay mild, since on Tuesday we head off to visit Disneyland Paris. That means tomorrow will be cleaning and packing day. I always like to do alot of cleaning before going on a trip, that way when we get back, everything is nice and fresh and there's nothing to do except unpack and recoup. We'll only be gone for a few days this trip (back on Thursday, I believe). In the meantime, here are a few more games for you geekers out there. :) Enjoy!

Name: Look Up Into the Sky
URL: http://www.ep-melody.com/flash/lookup/
Description: I can't understand a lick of what is said in the prologue (or the book you read at the beginning of the game itself), but it looks to be a basic room escape game. I've several items so far (a marker, a hammer, a piece of paper, something that looks like a dark grey rock and chopsticks, but haven't played enough yet to see if I can actually use any of them.

Name: Ciao Bella - The Zoom Zoom Episode
URL: http://www.shockwave.com/gamelanding/ciaobella.jsp
Description: Once again you have to organise Elena's life with the ultimate goal being to win Elio's heart.

Name: Scribble
URL: http://www.jmtb02.com/flash/scribble.htm
Description: a nice little time-waster where you use your crayon to draw each picture as fast as you can in a connect-the-dot style gaming.

Name: Lines
URL: http://www.itsall3.com/games/game.php?cc=2404&name=Lines
Description: Dodge the lines, collect the stars - simple but addictive.
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Rise and shine sleepyhead!

Saturday morning brings to mind....sleeping in a little later and cartoons. It also reminds me that the weekend is fully underway and we are already that much closer to another Monday. eek!

How about some games to get our minds off the inevitable?

Name: Horsey Racing
URL: http://www.gamesheep.com/jocuri/horseyracing/
Description: Run with Sparky, Rosy or Saddler in this fantastic race... Don't forget to eat the apples in your way to restore your energy bar. You also find special items... on your way :) Click to begin the race. Click again to jump the fences. Double click will make you jump higher. M-Music, S-Sound, Q-Quit

Name: Goggles - The Google Maps Flight Sim
URL: http://www.isoma.net/games/goggles.html
Description: A flight simulator game that uses images uploaded from Google Maps. To control the plane use the arrow keys to bank and dive, the A and Z keys to change speed and the Spacebar to fire.

Name: Brandy and Mr. Whiskers - Leaf Boarding
URL: http://www.gamesheep.com/jocuri/leaf-boarding/
Description: Finish this river race avoiding traps and obstacles! Use the Arrow Keys to move your leaf on the rapids. You also can use the 1, 2, and 3 keys to perform tricks while you are jumping.

Name: World Cup Headers 2006
URL: http://www.gamesheep.com/jocuri/worldcup-headers/
Description: Beat all your opponents and become the world champion! Use the A and D keys to move and W to jump. You can also use combinations to be more efficient! Game is available in a variety of languages, including English, French, Spanish and Dutch.

Have fun! :)
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A new day, so here a few games that might interest some of you. :)

Name: Sim Pet
URL: http://www.gamershood.com/flashgames/1764
Description: An rpg/simulation game, your goal is to keep your pet happy and healthy.

Name: Classroom 3
URL: http://www.c404.net/games/the_classroom3.htm
Description: I never played the others that I think this one is a sequel off, but I believe the object of the game is to cheat off the "nerd", without getting caught by the teacher.

Name: 3-Cup
URL: http://albinoblacksheep.com/flash/3cup
Description: A puzzle so simple, we will show you how to complete it first! Turn all the cups up to win, move 2 cups at a time. This one is a doozey.

Name: Musical Lantern
URL: http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/lantern.php
Description: A side-scrolling adventure type game where you carry a lantern and explore a castle hallway (avoiding obstacles along the way). Your lantern dims as you progress, so you must collect orbs of light to regenerate it.

Name: Storm the House 3
URL: http://www.armorgames.com/games/stormthehouse2_popup.html
Description: A shooter game (similar to defend your castle) where you are charged with the task of defending your house. Spacebar reloads your ammo, and "P" pauses the game. As you earn payroll for successfully defending your home, you can buy upgrades and such before you attempt the next levels.
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Fun Time

Thanks to Mantari, I too plan to contribute here to the game finding frenzy, with The-Geek being out-of-order for the time being. Please keep in mind that I've no way to confirm if these were already posted before in the forum, so bear with me if I should post something that you've already seen. If you too have come across some games that you'd like to share with the rest of us, feel free to start up your own listing at your LJ (and leave your name in a comment here so we know where to look), or just leave the game links here in the comments.

Name: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
URL: http://adisney.go.com/disneypictures/pirates/main.html
Description: Interactive website where you can browse the site and collect digital trading cards (by clicking various items in the website images). You can also "plunder" some items (again by clicking on them). When you've collected all your plunder, you gain access to a special area of the site. Aside from the trading cards, you may also find wallpapers, e-cards, etc. You must register in order to play.

Name: Ant Tracks
URL: http://www.fingertime.com/anttracks.php
Description: Get all the ants booty back to the Tree stores to keep the colony supplied with wholesome bugs, tasty leaves and groovy grubs. To do this, find the safest path across the tree branches by changing the directional arrows and avoiding the beasties. Make sure the right booty ends up in the right tree stores!

Name: Jasper - Little Caveman and the Pteroeggs
URL: http://www.fingertime.com/jaspy.php
Description: Help our little hero Jaspy the Caveman jump from cloud to cloud to reach the top of the mountain, where Pterodactyls lay their eggs. To do this, simply use the mouse button to jump! Watch out for Pterodactyls as they'll stop you jumping, or push you off clouds to defend their eggs.

That's all for today. Hope you all enjoy them! :)

On a more personal note, in my last entry I mentioned my starting a little exercise program. Figured a quickie update on that was in order. :) I've continued with my daily workout and have been paying more attention to the foods we eat (i.e. buying low-fat alternatives, smaller portions, etc). It may not seem like alot to some, but so far I've lost around 4 kilos (8 lbs). Any loss is good news to me, so I'm pretty happy with how things are going. :)

Till next time....have a wonderful day!
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Summer Vacation fast approaches...

Well, school officially ends this Thursday. My son is already bouncing off the walls in anticipation of two months home with mom. I should relish that attitude, as I know there will come a day when he won't want to be caught within ten feet of him, as I might embarass him in front of his friends. Funny how things like that go.

Going to try a little more structure for this summer though, in the hopes that the boy's introduction to grade 5 this next school year goes without any hitches (while he's doing well in school, we still prefer to give him extra preparation when/where we can, to try to make things easier for him in the long run). We've bought several math/language workbooks, made in a way that the child learns through games/puzzles, and plan to have him work a page or two each day. A minor thing when you think about it, but I think it'll help him alot, just to keep things kinda fresh in his mind over the next couple of months.

Hubby and I just celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary. We received many well-wishes, but I was somewhat disappointed that my parents didn't remember. They aren't big on celebrating special occasions (neither are we, for that matter), but still. Anyways...I can't believe it's been that long...seems just like yesterday we were settling into our little home together. Been a great time.

I've grown more adamant about tackling my weight. Bought a work-out tape and have been exercising regularly for about...hmm...almost two weeks, I think. Just a 30 minute stint in the mornings (about all I can handle without falling over lol). And while I'm not actually on a diet, per say, I'm starting to take a little more care into what I eat, choosing lower fat options, and so forth. Don't really notice any significant changes yet, but I do feel better than I have in a while. That feeling though is probably more attributed to my finally doing something to improve myself, and being happy that I've actually taken these first steps. Hubby, of course, has been very understanding and supportive. Even the boy is putting his efforts into it, by sometimes exercising right along with me. With family like that, even if I don't lose a thing, I feel like a winner.

Let's see....there have been roadworks on our street for some time now....they ripped up the hedges and trees that used to line the street, tore out the sidewalks and even cut away part of the roadway (used to be two lanes, now it's one and a half lol). We are only just now starting to see things come together. Early on they were just busy installing new sewer pipes and whatnot, but this past week they've been plotting/measuring and installed new hedge sections (not the bushes themselves yet, but they've stone off the areas where they will go) and are currently re-bricking the sidewalk and new bike path. It's the introduction of the bike path that brought about all this reconstruction to begin with, and we look forward to seeing how it all turns out.

Guess that's enough jibbering for now....till next time I get the urge to write....have a B...A...U...tiful day! :)

Been a long time...

Well, with The-Geek at the mercy of hackers, and my being "ordered" not to visit the site till the issue is resolved, I find myself with quite a bit of extra free time on my hands. So yep, that means Mr. Journal may be seeing alot more of me, at least for a little while.

I've been spending the time I usually use monitoring The-Geek, honing my Paint Shop Pro skills. I really love the fact that hubby discovered JaKoolDesigns and introduced me to it. I've not really been inspired creatively in such a long time, I had almost forgot how fun it was to make things and see the appreciation of others enjoying what I made. I've even started making tutorials to help others in getting started in making forum signatures. I've been thinking about setting up a personal webpage to showcase some of mine and hubby's work, but I've yet to be inspired on how to actually design the site, so until that lightbulb goes off, that'll be a "some day" project.

I'm still really active on Neopets. Hard to believe I've been there for nearly 2 years now. It's a great stress reliever though (like so many of my online activities) and alot of fun. One of my favourite things to do is the Random Contest. I like to use them as "rainy day" projects for me and my son. Like the latest one, where we had to build Neopet themed bird feeders. My son helped me build (or rather I helped him) a foot tall blue meepit with a hole in its belly (to hold the food). We had a blast! We actually won 3rd place in the contest too, which was the icing on the cake.

Another thing I've started is a daily exercise routine. Nothing major (I simply couldn't handle anything too strenuous), but it's a start. I'm nothing gigantic, but I'm no skinny minny either. What bothers me the most is I'm noticing that as I'm getting older, I'm starting to have those "old lady arms", you know...the kind that when you raise them, they sag and flap in the wind when you wave. It's embarrassing to me, even if no one else has said anything to me about it.

Anyway, just a few tidbits of my life at them moment.
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Been a while...

The new year has rung in with a muffled "ding dong". The weather has been either wet or windy or both and always cold. My allergies seem to have kicked into overtime, keeping my eyes itchy, skin irritated, sinuses full and head/body aching. Contact with my family overseas has become even less frequent since their move, as things there with them and my brother and his family have still not improved, much to everyone's discomfort and dismay.

The past few months have not been without their good points though. My boy's birthday party in early December went off without a hitch and in an uncharacteristically optimistic way I'm actually looking forward to planning the next one. The holidays following the party, while busy and against my humbuggish nature, were more than tolerable. We even bought a string of lights for the terrace this year, which is saying alot considering both myself and my husband aren't much for celebrating. The boy brings out holiday cheer in even the grinchiest of us all, I guess. :P

Speaking of the boy, he continues to do well in school. They've been working hard with learning the basics of the metric system (something I still find confusing, curses to the US and their refusal to give up on the inches/ft front lol) and expanding their mathematics to more complex division problems. I swear when I look at how they teach problem solving these days, I wonder how I and those in my grade ever got it, as the diagrams and such they use here with my boy are beyond foreign in nature. An odd turn of the table when it's him teaching me how to do a simple division problem, and me staring blankly at the diagram they fill out to figure it out in longhand. lol

He's also growing like weed. Seems at least every month and a half to two we are needing to purchase new shoes and pants. We get a new pair of pants and blink and it's like having Steve Urkel suddently in the room, highwater pants lol. It seems like only yesterday that I could carry my boy with one arm, wrapped up in a little blankie and him blowing spit bubbles. Time goes by so quickly...
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No turning back now...

Well, the invitations for my son's upcoming birthday party (set for Dec. 4th) have been handed out, so we're now officially stuck with holding it. lol Don't get me wrong, as I'm sorta looking forward to it and I *know* he is, but I just worry that something will screw up about it and make it one of those kinds of memories that once he's adult, he'll hope to forget.

Anyway, my worries aside, everything seems to be coming together nicely. We made the invitations ourselves, making them pizza-shaped with the ingredients (pepperoni, peppers, olives, etc) as pasted-on cutouts. For the inside I just printed out a few small pizza-themed clipart, like a chef and a pizza, coloured them and then pasted those and clippings of the printed out information (time, date, etc.) on the card. Turned out pretty nice, if I may say so myself.

He decided only to invite four boys (three from his class and another from a few classes back that he's befriended fairly recently). Most of the boys in his class are either bully-ish or way rowdy and as he's fairly particular about his things, he didn't want to invite those types, which minimized his choices. (yes, he's a godsend lol) As for girls, he's going through a "girls have cooties" phase, which again is fine by me, as it makes things much simpler.

We plan to decorate our apartment door with some sort of fake-ish pizza parlor logo, something like "Welcome to Tyler's Pizzeria!" with pizzas, drinks, etc drawn on it. We'll probably have balloons scattered about the stairwell and on the outer door and mailbox. Might doodle things on those too. We found a stream of pizza-shaped flags, so my son's been busy adding drawn pepperonies and whatnot to them. I long ago collected red/white checkered cups, plates and table cloth for that "italian eatery" feel.

As for the party itself, we're sort of keeping it loosey goosey, but have a few things that we for sure have planned. The invitations have instructed the boys to bring an apron or old t-shirt to cover their nice clothes, so as they arrive we plan to ask them to put that on, then we'll be painting a little curly mustache onto each of their faces. (might have them take a pic with my boy, like a souvenier) Then we'll corral them around a table full of crafty stuff where they can assemble their chef hats and paper-pizzas. We'll have strips of posterboard for the bands of the hats and crepe paper for the poofs. There will be paper plates to act as the "crust" for the paper-pizzas, and cutouts of various ingredients like mushrooms, pepperoni, bell pepper, cheese bits, that they can glue onto their crust. There will also be markers and coloured pencils for them to use if they choose to decorate their hat bands or simply draw the bits of ingredients onto the plate/crust.

Once they've made their "fake" pizza, then they'll be taken into the kitchen a few at a time, to make the real thing. We'll have pre-made crusts ready for them to decorate, with bowls of all sorts of things for them to choose from to assemble their pizza including pineapple, olives, mozarella, hamburger bits, ham chunks, etc. Once the pizzas are cooked, they'll be sliced in half, with one half being foiled-up for the guest that made it and the other half will be divided into smaller slices, so that everyone will be able to sample each guest's creation. We'll be giving prizes for best tasting and best looking pizzas as part of the fun.

While the pizzas are being made/cooked, we'll probably play a few games, like maybe pizza bingo or pin-the-mustache-on-the-chef. We'll of course permit them to congregate in front of the telly if they all can agree on a particular kiddy movie to watch. To tide them over till the pizzas are ready, we'll have things like snack crackers (look and taste like pizzas) and maybe a small amount of gummy candy (looks like pasta).

As take home bags, we've gotten some small-sized pizza boxes (something I snagged from Ken's Pizza on our last trip to the US lol) and have filled them each with a wooden spoon, chocolate/cookie "bread" sticks, more of that gummy-spaghetti candy, a mini-gummy pizza and then they'll be getting their foil-wrapped half of pizza they made (unless they decide to eat it all up), the paper-pizza they made, chef hat and anything else they can shove in there.

Might sound like we've gone all out for it, but it's been pretty easy/fun to assemble and hopefully will be just as fun for him and his guests to participate in, when the time comes.
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